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Welcome to Fallen Timbers Fairways

7711 Timbers Blvd.
Waterville, OH 43566

Fallen Timbers Fairways’ COVID-19 Response:

We will spray sanitize our carts after each round.

We will provide limited food and beverage services in a “carryout” capacity for on-course use only!

Our Driving Range will remain closed due to a larger need for employee and customer interaction requirements!

Within the context of a round of golf and with respects to what social distancing means, normal on-course golf activities DO NOT constitute a crowded setting.
You can easily maintain a six foot distance with golfers in your group and provide for the desired effect of social distancing. Do you live with this person, do you drive in a car with this person or do you work in the same cubicle?

Being smart about social distancing is what is at hand and using the wide open terrain of a golf course is as good a place to start. More concerning might be indoor simulator facilities and driving ranges, large golf outings or group clinics. Even long face-to-face conversations during a delay on a tee box should be avoided to avoid the inadvertent cough or sneeze. If you can smell what someone had for lunch-you’re inhaling what they are breathing out!

 Riding in a cart with a fellow golfer puts you within the six-foot range,
which is reason to consider walking or taking your own cart. UNLESS
ALREADY ON A REGULAR BASIS, riding in the same cart is no

 As for the flagstick it’s probably best to leave the flagsticks untouched
for the entire day. Though the virus has been shown to stay contagious
for two to three days on an inanimate object, those are largely in
laboratory settings. Extensive experiments outside and in sunlight have
not been done, so the odds are it would be a much shorter time.

 Touching an infected surface does not give you COVID-19, the disease
brought on by this novel coronavirus. Touching an infected surface and
then immediately touching your face is the problem. So like in all
aspects of life, restrict touching your face and wash your hands or use a
hand sanitizer after you touch anything that isn’t yours.

 That goes for handling someone else’s clubs. Though it might be a
temporary seismic shift from the typical fellowship of a round of golf,
when it comes to direct person-to-person contact, keeping to yourself
and keeping your distance is still the correct way-that means the 18th-
green handshake needs to be abandoned, at least for now.

 A professional golf tournament with 25,000 spectators a day and at
least another thousand support staff, media, players and officials is
nothing like 100 rounds spread out over a 12 hour day at your local golf

 Playing golf means you’re not in contact with a lot of other people in a
confined space, you just have to maintain a six foot distance with the
people you are playing with UNLESS YOU HAVE FAMILIAR CONTACT

 Sunlight and other environmental conditions can kill viruses like this, so
it is probable that that is true for this novel coronavirus.

For questions or for additional information, please call us at 419-878-4653 or feel free to contact us via the Contact Us form. Thank you!

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