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COVID-19 Response

Fallen Timbers Fairways is pleased to offer our services as an open outdoor recreational facility. This allows us, via a federal mandate, to remain open so long as we comply with section 15 “social distancing measures”.

To achieve this compliance, the following will be enforced, until further notice:

  • 6 FOOT SEPERATION at all points from the parking lot, check-in and ON THE GOLF COURSE. There will be no tolerance for failing to follow this simple requirement. No flagstick removal, no putting out and no ball washers until the health department allows it.
  • We have a below market walking rate to promote the “stay active” program. $12.00 all you can walk weekdays and weekends after 1pm! (subject to turning into golfers on beginning tees)
  • Due to maintaining this compliance, rules for restroom use and check-in have been clearly posted. Outdoor seating with proper distancing is available and effective May 22nd, limited seating and services will be provided in our bar area. The banquet hall and driving range will remain closed at this time. 
  • We have ample sanitizer in and around our check-in area and all carts are spray sanitized after each round. Doors and handles are sprayed as needed, and all posted travel routes (marked with “X” and with “arrows”) shall require your adherence.

Beer & Alcohol Consumption

It is important for all our customers to appreciate that it is a violation of Ohio revised Code 4301.62 to consume beer/wine/liquor that is NOT purchased on our premises. Our enforcement of this law is for the protection of our license and preventing you from legal jeopardy which includes fines and possible imprisonment. While we have always enforced this law, the current oversight from state and local authorities requires us to increase our supervision and demand a zero tolerance for those who fail to observe this mandate.